“What a story!  So many people have dysfunction in their families. . .it gets passed down from generation to generation. . .it is the rare person who can step back and look at what’s going on and decide to change. . .hope your book spreads the message that people can face the dysfunction in one’s life and get past it.”  Peggy M  (Pacific NW Contest award winner, 2018)

“Adding the info about the carrier on which your dad served juxtaposed with Soul Survivor will be valuable for many.  Well-done.”  Steve Klein, RSE   (SEE BLOG 2)

“Thank you for sending the books.  They are such a treasure to have.”  A.D.

“My sister (see above comment) sent me your memoir for Xmas and I have soooo enjoyed it!  I could not put it down—the ultimate compliment!  I have a memory of sitting on your living room floor playing pickup sticks (childhood game). You were very good at it as I recall.  I remember it was dark outside. . .what the occasion was, I do not recall. Did I come to the door and ask ‘Can Susan come out to play?’ or did my mother . . . ask if you all could keep me for a bit. . .or were we playing outside and . . .you invited me in. . .one of those maybe?  Absolutely loved reading about our idyllic times as young girls on Sunset. . .so fun to run in that ‘pack,’ and learn to jump rope, roller skate and play outside games. . .wonderful to see references to the gravel pit!  Dennis hill! And as you so aptly put it, our 4th of July picnics were just unparalleled. . .the post-war era was so different from today’s.  We also have your Chasu book (The Butterfly ChaSu)  a treasured part of our home library. . .probably my mother came to the book signing event you describe.” C.S.     

“I’ve read your book and am impressed.  You went through a lot of painful times as a child and certainly experienced a difficult time as your parents aged.  My hat is off to you.”  Judy S

“I am drawn in immediately. . .a good reminder we aren’t the only ones (who) have gone through things.  I enjoy your style of writing.  I will have my Kleenex near as I read.”  Denise

“. . .trauma is inherited, and HEALING is inherited as well.  This is a gift for all who you touch and love. . .truth sets EVERYONE free—whether it initially feels that way or not.  Stay strong, stay open, stay vulnerable to LOVE.”  KW

“. . .a good read.  Liked your remembrance of kids’ houses and neighborhoods, summer street games like hide and seek.  I (also) was a ‘Candy Striper’ and remember the hospital halls and rooms being dark, smelling like cleaning over pee. . .depressing.”  Abby

A former member of “Young Author’s Club” at College Place Middle School in Edmonds, WA writes to my younger daughter about my book reference to this group in Acknowledgements:  “I feel privileged to have been among that group.  I can’t seem to shake the author inside me. . .remember your Mom’s writing exercises, which were freeing for a Type A personality such as myself.”  Creigh

REPLY FROM THE AUTHOR:  The young authors I had the privilege of teaching were each a wonderful gift.  Thank you so much for your beautiful clear creativity.  You always inspired me!

 “Just checked out your blog and it’s wonderful!  I look forward to seeing what’s next.  I checked out your website before I read your book.. . . I am so glad you finally published it.  There were many things I could relate to in my own life. . .honor our father and our mother. . .you have done so beautifully!”  Karla

“I felt empathy for your sadness and anger for so many years and was impressed with your honesty in confronting (your mother).  I liked the way you expressed the good things she had shared with you (see Confrontation subtitle in the book). . .you say, the best gift she’s given to you was opening our world to books, and the invitation to writing yourself, which you have encouraged in your own children.  That is a wonderful gift and something you can be grateful for, despite the painful words she also spoke.“  Marcy E. (fellow author)

“. . .I just started reading your memoir today.  I am loving its pacing.  What a sweet flow your story has and your descriptions of Decatur have me feeling as though I have been there.  I am finding it a fun read!”  Re:  BLOG  “Interesting backstory on the U.S.S. Natoma Bay. . .little tidbits like this always deepen the experience.”  Maria T